The Plan So Far

Current Status

This page contains the most up-to-date and relevant components of the ONE McKinney 2040 Comprehensive Plan, including District-specific recommendations, Mobility Considerations and City- Wide Strategies. As more components are drafted and refined, they will be added here. Please note that all materials presented on this page are not complete and should be considered drafts until the ONE McKinney 2040 Comprehensive Plan is adopted by McKinney City Council.

The Vision (or The Preferred Scenario)

Through the ONE McKinney 2040 process, public input and refinement led to the concept of ‘Distinctive Districts.’ In short, McKinney’s future development pattern should be one of smaller areas of the city (Districts) that each focus on their own unique identity and brand.

The Vision

We are ONE McKinney - a united community that supports the diversity of its economy and people. We celebrate our natural and cultural assets, and invite private developments that create places of lasting value. Smart public and private investments ensure that McKinney remains a top choice for people to live, work, play and visit through 2040 and beyond.


This section includes the ONE McKinney Vision Statement, Guiding Principles and Preferred Scenario. The Vision Statement describes the future that the McKinney community desires, while the Guiding Principles are the more specific ideas that should be followed in order to implement the Vision Statement.


This section includes Decision-Making Criteria, Placetype Descriptions and the general land use strategy for McKinney as a whole. The Criteria provide guidance to decision-makers regarding the approval of future projects. This section also provides information about the basic framework of the ONE McKinney 2040 Plan, including Psychographics and the types of places the community wants to see in the future.


The Transportation & Mobility component works hand-in-hand with the Land Use component (the Preferred Scenario) through the Master Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) that lays out the ultimate network of major roadways in McKinney and the types of roadways these will be when complete.


This section includes individual strategies to capitalize on and enhance each Districts identity and brand. Along with a land use strategy, each district subsection contains a market analysis and recommended implementation tools and public investments. Each strategy and recommendation is crafted with the intent of creating a unique area of McKinney.

Preferred Scenario Map

You can use the map below to find more information about a specific location in McKinney. Search for any address and the map will move to that location. Click on your District (or any others) and you will be directed to the strategy for that District.